Over 500 records to choose from and listen to! A must-see cafe for music lovers♪♪


Open Cafe Mixing in Fall 2020

Cafe Mixing is a cafe and bar located on Gojo Street, a 10-minute walk from Saiin and Tambaguchi stations. You can enjoy delicious food and records. The number of records in the store is over 500!

The interior of the restaurant, which was originally a Japanese-style restaurant, was almost entirely made as a DIY project. The pitch-black pillars were repainted four or five times to make them white, and it took all day with the help of a friend. The look of the restaurant has completely changed, giving it a stylish West Coast style!

Prominent bar counter seating
Inside the store with a variety of records

Stepping into the store, you will find a wide variety of records on display, from standard pop, jazz, and rock to soul, funk, blues, and more. You can listen to a variety of records freely and casually without narrowing down the genres. The most popular records are city pop! There are many young people who come to the store to listen to records after learning about 80s idols from SNS and other sources. It is unique to this store that customers can choose their favorite records and play the songs by themselves.

Record player stands out.

I hope to bring people of all ages together through vinyl records."

We talked to the owner, a friendly, music-loving person, about his store.

━━━I thought that listening to music on vinyl records was new to people who listen to music on their smartphones without looking at the jacket or other aspects of the world. Since we can now listen to a variety of songs on our smartphones, it is difficult to listen to music while looking at the lyrics and liner notes (as in the past) or to immerse oneself in the artist's worldview. Nowadays, records are selling better than CDs because the jackets express the artist's worldview more clearly, and I think that people choose records to hold as objects. Even young people like to listen to music while reading the liner notes, and if they don't understand a word, they search for it on their smartphones and listen to it.

What kind of place do you want your store to be?

━━━Everyone has their own way of enjoying the store, so I would like to leave that up to the customers to decide, but I would like the store to be a place where the younger generation and the vinyl generation can interact through music and records. I hope that customers from the generation that enjoyed vinyl records will talk to people in their 20s about the music of the past, and that young people will enjoy the music of our generation in combination with the music of today. I hope it will become a new way to enjoy music.

Records are new to the young and nostalgic to the middle and senior generations. I thought it was a wonderful place where people could connect with each other through food, drink, and records. I was very happy to hear the sound of vinyl records for the first time during this interview. The sound was so thick, it was like it was hitting me right in the chest! By all means, enjoy a good meal while listening to records!

Master talking about his particular records

"Great food at affordable prices, and you get to be a DJ!"

We are currently only open for mornings and lunch on weekdays. As for the night business, it is currently irregular and open only for reservations and events. We recommend lunch! Many of our menu items are reasonably priced and hearty, with prices under 1,000 yen including a drink! Popular menu items include taco rice and hamburgers!

Co-working is also allowed inside the store! Wi-Fi is free, so it is recommended for nomadic workers and students. The store is free of charge and Wi-Fi is free, so it is recommended for nomadic workers and students.

The store is also available for acoustic gigs. If you are in a band or want to perform live, please contact the store. They can also advertise your band and post posters in the store.

Upcoming Events

DJ events are held on the last Saturday of each month. Everyone is welcome to attend and practice DJing. If you are interested in DJing but have a high hurdle to overcome, or if you are interested in DJing, please join us as we can start with a single song. You may connect with other music lovers!

Cafe Mixing
Address: 2-1 Mibu Higashi Takada-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8845, Japan
Weekday morning 7:00~11:30
Lunch 11:30~15:00(L.O. 14:30)
(Currently night hours are for events and reservations only)
Closed: Tuesday
TEL: 070-4415-7795
Twitter: @cafemixingkyoto
Instagram: vinylcafemixingkyoto

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