A thrilling and exciting experience for children in Kyoto Nutrition Education Workshop

Children making otsukimi dango

Hello! It's autumn again this year! As autumn is the season of appetite, I would like to talk about a local activity related to "food". Last month, I went to "Kyoto Laundry Cafe" in Saiin to cover a food education workshop for local parents and children.

Children experiencing the stone mill

The season is "autumn of appetite"! Adults and children alike are excited to make tsukimi dango!

The star of this year's event was YONkitchen, a volunteer food education workshop group based in Osaka. This was the first time for YONkitchen to hold a workshop in Kyoto, and the representative of the group, Mr. Yamamoto, was very nervous. Since the time of the interview was right around the time of the Mid-Autumn Moon, the children tried their hand at making moon-viewing dumplings at the workshop.

Starting with making the dumplings from flour, even the kinako (soybean flour) topping was handmade! There was also a demonstration of grinding soybeans with a traditional stone mortar to make soybean flour, and participants, both adults and children, were intrigued from start to finish.

The dumplings they selflessly made tasted very tender. Ranmaru couldn't help but feel warmed by the sight of the children enjoying the dumplings. The workshop ended on a high note with a commemorative photo and storytelling by the participants' mothers.

Representative Mr. Yamamoto

The Corona was the catalyst for the event. With this in mind, we decided to hold the event in Osaka and then in Kyoto!

According to Yamamoto, YONkitchen was established about three years ago by volunteers who were in charge of food education workshops at Kids Plaza Osaka, a "museum for children" in Kita-ku, Osaka.

Looking back on those days, Yamamoto recalls, "I was originally a certified nutritionist and was in charge of a nutrition education workshop at Kids Plaza as my life's work. I was originally a certified dietitian, so I was in charge of nutrition education workshops as my life's work in Kids Plaza, but then the Kids Plaza was closed due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus…"

He was feeling very jealous because he did not know when "Kids Plaza Osaka" would open, even if he stayed put and waited.

As a result, the Corona disaster has lasted more than three years. Three years is a very long time for a child. Even a baby grows a lot in three years. I didn't want to waste such an important time in a child's life." With this in mind, he began holding nutrition education workshops throughout Osaka City.

Mr. Yamamoto explaining the process of making soybean flour.

Motivated by parental love! Why does Mr. Yamamoto continue to hold nutrition education workshops…?

Over the past three years, a total of more than 20 events have been held and more than 400 people have participated. Kyoto has fewer cooking facilities for parents and children than Osaka, and it took more than a year before the first workshop was held this time. But why are they so enthusiastic about continuing the nutrition education workshops? We asked him why.

I think Corona has had the biggest impact. With fewer cooking classes at school, children are losing the opportunity to grow through valuable experiences. Cooking at home is completely different from cooking outside with friends. As a parent, I wanted my children to develop their sensibilities through food in an exciting and thrilling way.

Ms. Yamamoto herself is a mother of two children, and her parental love for her children's growth is the backbone of her activities.

Regarding the future of "YONkitchen," they would like to expand their activities not only in Osaka but also in Kyoto City. But again, Mr. Yamamoto says he is having the most difficulty finding a place because there are few cooking facilities in Kyoto that can be used by parents and children.

2022 Nutrition Education Workshop

Kyoto Nutrition Education Workshop 
No.2 "Why don't you make my Monaka?

Date: Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16, 2022 

Place: Rakuhoku Hankyu Square (B1F Community Room) 

Time: (1) 11:00~, (2) 13:00~ (about 60 minutes each)
Target: Parents and children who live, work or study in Sakyo-ku, Tokyo Capacity: 10 pairs per session (up to 3 persons per pair) *Reservations required in advance, first-come-first-served basis *Only adults and children over 3 years old are allowed to participate.

Fee: 1,500 yen per pair (tax included) 

Inquiries and reservations: 
By e-mail or Instagram direct mail


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