Enjoyed a luxurious dinner at an interesting vending machine near Saiin and Mibu

What do you think? Don't you think you can hear the sound of the meat cooking in the frying pan at any moment~!

This is actually meat from a vending machine! What? You can buy meat from a vending machine? What a surprise! You can buy anything from a vending machine nowadays! (I may have overstated the case with "everything," but we live in an age where you can buy products from vending machines that would have been unthinkable in the past. (I know, "everything" is an exaggeration, but we live in an age where you can buy products from vending machines that were unthinkable in the past.)

In this issue, Ranmaru, the writer of Choichoi Club, and Tenchou, the owner of Choichoi Club, will be enjoying a special project in which they will be enjoying themselves with interesting vending machine ingredients they found in the Saiin and Mibu areas. Please relax and enjoy!

Vending machine meats being grilled in a frying pan

Ramen" and "Beef"! Vending machines continue to evolve!

This project started when "Tencho," the owner of Choy Choy Club, found a meat vending machine on the side of the road.

And so, the vending machine funfest began. However, we prepared only two kinds of food this time: "ramen" and "beef"! I really wanted to use the gyoza vending machine, but the gyoza vending machine in Omiya, which I had set my sights on, was unexpectedly "preparing to open," so I was unable to purchase it! I couldn't help but think to myself, "I had plenty of time to use it when I passed by before. Once again, this time, we will be indulging only in "Ramen" and "Beef"!

Let's start with beef! Omi Beef Gacha, a meat vending machine

Beef vending machine

Click here for maphttps://goo.gl/maps/A6LaKceRfaeSBr6DA

This is a beef vending machine located in Omiya. It was installed by "Meat Super Yamamuraya", a company that Kyoto and Shiga Prefecture residents have come to rely on for their BBQs. Originally, we had prepared 4,000 yen in our war chest to enjoy the meat and gyoza, but the gyoza vending machine was unexpectedly under preparation, so we decided to put it all into the beef vending machine!

At first, I bought "Beef Tongue for Yakiniku" (No. 1 in popularity ranking) and "Beef Yawaraka Harami" (No. 2). They are meats from Mexico and the United States, respectively.

The remaining 2,000 yen, of course, goes into the "Omi Beef Gacha"! There are four buttons on the gacha that stand out so prominently that there is no way I can ignore them.

Let's see what we get, let's see what we get… ♪

The meat that came out with a thump and a slightly heavy sound was, as expected, the "Omi Beef Special Sirloin Steak"!

Omi beef special sirloin steak

And on the package, the price is 3,090 yen! I put 2,000 yen into the gacha, so I got 1,090 yen out of it! I think it's safe to say that this is a winner!

They also have "Karubi", "Roast", "Akami", "Sankaku", "Misuji", "Kainomi", and "Wiener Steak".

Then the ramen vending machine! The taste of Kyoto's famous restaurants at your fingertips!

Ramen vending machine

Click here for maphttps://goo.gl/maps/A5x2uWBGZZtbFcMN6

Next, we went to the other vending machine, Ramen.

This is a vending machine for frozen ramen from the famous Ichijyoji restaurant "Menya Kyokudori," also located not far from Saiin. Menya Kyokuchikko is famous for its ultra-thick chicken soup, which has been refined over a period of 12 years. I was excited even before purchasing it.

Each bowl of ramen is priced at 1,050 yen. Frankly speaking, it is not inexpensive, but since it is a product, it cannot be said to be expensive unless you try it.

I put the 1,050 yen I had in my hand into the vending machine! This time, I purchased two kinds of ramen: the normal "Chicken ramen" and the slightly spicy "Red ramen". I don't know if the taste of the restaurant has been reproduced… I have never been to the actual store, but my expectations are high!

A few notes on cooking

Kyokudori no Ramen (package)

Now that we have bought the product from the vending machine, let's eat it right away! Unfortunately, it's not going to happen. Unfortunately.

Actually, the "ramen" and "beef" we purchased this time are frozen foods, so we have to defrost and cook them. So, if you are in a hurry and want to eat them right away, do not use the vending machine by mistake. If you are in a hurry, do not use the vending machine by mistake.

First, with regard to ramen, it is necessary to defrost the soup in hot water and boil the noodles. The noodles boil relatively quickly, but it takes about 20 minutes to thaw the soup. Make it when you have time.

Now for the real food!

Gokudori Chicken Ramen & Gokudori Chicken Red Ramen

Well, after all that time spent defrosting and cooking the ramen and meat, it's ready! Now it's time to eat them!

We started with the ramen purchased from Kyokudori's vending machine. We prepared two plates of ramen this time: "Chicken Tadashi Ramen" featuring thick chicken white soup, and "Aka Tadashi Ramen" which you can already tell by its appearance is spicy.

Regarding the appearance, both of them have a noticeably thick and viscous soup. As for the "aka tadashi," it had a red powder on it, but when I added the whole bag, it turned out to be so red that I asked myself, "Is it safe to pour this much on?" The soup was so red that I wondered if it was safe to pour it over the whole bag.

Tencho eating ramen

As for the "Chicken Ramen," the soup is very rich and thick, and the chicken flavor fills your mouth as it looks. The richness of the soup is similar to that of the famous "Ten Fat" chain of ramen restaurants in Kyoto. If you like it, you will really love it. It has an addictive taste.

On the other hand, the "Akadadama Ramen" is not as spicy as one might expect, although we added the entire bag of red powder…. As with the "Akadama Ramen", the rich chicken white soup spreads the flavor of chicken all over the palate, but the powder's just the right amount of spiciness enhances the flavor. This is delicious! I, Ranmaru, personally prefer the "Akadagari Ramen".

Neither is cheap, but the taste was worth the price. Rie, pictured here, couldn't stop eating and finished her meal in no time! It was delicious!

Omi Beef Sirloin Steak

Continuing with the actual meat, let's take a look at the meat. The first thing I ate was beef tongue (from Mexico). Yes, it is the same beef tongue that I always eat. The characteristic crispy texture is still there. It's just plain delicious.

Next, we have the Harami (from the U.S.A.). It is served with yakiniku sauce. As the product name "Yawaraka Harami" suggests, it is indeed tender! I cooked it quite thoroughly, but the meat did not become tough, and it was still tender and enjoyable. Even small children and the elderly who have anxiety about their teeth and jaws should have no trouble eating it.

Last but not least, the trio will be served with Omi Beef Special Loin Steak, worth practically 3,090 yen! As you can see in the photo, it is served rare. The steak is served rare, as you can see in the photo. Munching… This is… Delicious! As expected of Omi beef! The more you chew, the more the flavor overflows, and the more the beef tastes like it should. It is a first-class taste in every way. It is no less than the meat you would eat at a restaurant. I never thought I would be able to buy such delicious meat from a vending machine…. We live in an unbelievable age.

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