Recommendation of "on-site childcare" for all those who work hard for childcare

In September 2022, "Hagu Hagu Nijo" opened in Nakagyo-ku near Suzaku Park. It is a comprehensive childcare service that provides extensive support for parents struggling with childcare, ranging from daycare facilities to on-site childcare and the recently popular prenatal and postnatal care. As a mother myself, I was very interested in this service! I went to interview her to get the full picture!

High-quality childcare services provided by experienced childcare professionals

There are three main services: on-site childcare, prenatal and postpartum care, and temporary childcare. No prior registration is required, but reservations are required for all services. On-site and temporary childcare services are available from 3 months of age, and prenatal and postpartum care services are available during pregnancy.

All of the people involved in childcare, including Mr. Hatano, the representative, are former childcare workers. They are all veterans with more than 10 to 20 years of experience. Not only do they play with children according to their ages and personalities, but they also provide support for their development in cooperation with child development support staff. When you are concerned about your child's development, you can ask yourself, "Is my child OK? and "Is my child going to be all right? Many of our childcare workers are also raising children, so they can help you with a wide range of concerns, including childcare, daycare, and balancing work and childcare.

Lunch box full of vegetables + prenatal and postpartum care support with lots of love

The author's focus was on prenatal and postpartum care. To my surprise, they offer "bento box lunch delivery" by childcare workers. It was a service that did not seem possible, but now it has caught my attention! In cooperation with Nishikoma, a popular green grocer that sells freshly picked Kamigamo vegetables, the shop offers bento box lunches and babysitting support by a childcare worker for 4,400 yen per hour.

What is gratifying is that the midwife will provide guidance and "check the mental and physical condition of postpartum mothers. In recent years, the term "postpartum depression" has become more common, and it is said that mothers are prone to mental instability due to the effects of hormones in the immediate postpartum period. On top of that, there are many things to worry about, such as the baby "not sleeping," "not drinking," "not gaining weight," "eczema," "no breast milk," and so on. This service is to be there for such mothers while they refresh themselves with a box lunch.

You are free to take your time to discuss unfamiliar childcare issues, rest a bit, or go out. A trial plan of 1,500 yen is also available for those who would like to learn more about the meals and atmosphere of care.

I want you to give childcare to "that person around you who puts up with a lot".

Ms. Hatano, the representative of the company, worked as a childcare worker for a long time. When she experienced childbirth and childcare, her lifestyle changed drastically from being a childcare provider to being a participant in childcare. She learned the real difficulties of balancing childcare, work, and life as a mother and a wife.

It was not uncommon for them not to say a word until their father came home from work. We had many clients who were crying so hard they didn't know what to do, and who wouldn't sleep unless I kept holding them in my arms. After experiencing these experiences, a group of mothers and childcare workers came together and Hagu Hagu Nijo was born in Kyoto.

Ms. Hatano suggested making on-site childcare and prenatal care a gift from your partner. She said, "My impression is that many mothers really choose to be patient when it comes to their children, even if they are tired and have a hard time. They say, 'If I'm going to spend money on a babysitter or temporary childcare, let's spend it on the children,' and they don't spend money on making things easier for themselves."

If we could give a form of "rest," "refreshment," or "thank you for everything" to those around us who are struggling with childcare, such as partners, family members, colleagues, and friends… that is why we created the gift system. I hope we can "give the gift of time" to tired moms, not only on birthdays and Christmas, but on a daily basis!

Ms. Hatano and the other childcare workers seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout the interview. As a fellow working woman, I tried to find out the reason for this, and found that everyone had a wish for the childcare field they are currently working so hard in. Ms. Hatano said, "The charm of Japanese childcare is its politeness. I think it is the way it attends to each child and involves them carefully so that they can grow up well. At the same time, however, it is also true that on-site childcare workers, who are supposed to be there for the children, are becoming exhausted because their social status is not improving and their salaries are low. I thought it would be good if those who look after children in the most important period of human development could see a brighter future," she said. The childcare workers who started the company also wanted to present one model as a career for childcare workers. We wanted to create a town where both parents and childcare workers could be closer to their children with a brighter face. This interview was overflowing with such thoughts and feelings.

Hagu Hagu Nijo


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