Tengudo Bakery, a nostalgic bakery in Chukyo

"Have a good day!"

The store is filled with the good smell of baked bread and the cheerful voice of a customer being sent on his way. This bakery was established on April 23, 1922, and celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. Let us introduce you to "Tengudo Unno Bakery," where you can see many breads lined up in a row and the smiling faces of the third generation owner, Shigeru and his wife, Kimiko, through the show window.

Taste of 100 years, here it is!

Tenguido's Unno Bakery Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Since its establishment, local people have loved "anpan" made with homemade koshi-an (red bean paste). It is made from the finest azuki beans from Hokkaido, which are used in Japanese confectionery. Anpan" is filled with a slightly sweet, azuki-scented red bean paste, making it a perfect snack.

The "Tengudo Roll," named after the store, is characterized by its light and sticky dough. With its simple taste and the aroma and flavor of wheat, it can be eaten every day. It is the store's most recommended product.

Speaking of Tenguido! The "White Horn" is a product that young locals say is "the best thing about Tengu-do. This dish, made with rum raisins and fresh cream, is a limited-edition product available only from November to the beginning of April. Be sure to check out the store and their Instagram!

In addition to snack-type breads, there were a wide variety of prepared breads and breads, all of which were so appealing that I wanted to try them all. The taste of these breads, made without any additives and using only the finest ingredients, can only be found at Tengu-do.

Along with many breads, Tengu-do also has a lineup of baked goods. We were able to see the baked sweets called "Castella bread" being made. This baked good has actually been in business for 100 years. The texture is between cookies and bread, and as the name suggests, it tastes like sponge cake.

In addition to anpan and baked goods, jam buns and cream buns have also been handed down since the company's founding. At the time of its founding, Tengu-do's bread was made by kneading dough by hand and baking it over firewood. As times have changed from the Taisho, Showa, Heisei, and 2025, more convenient tools have gradually become available. However, the basic taste has remained the same and has been improved over time. Perhaps it is because Tengu-do has been in business for 100 years that it is able to produce such a simple taste.

Stores that have supported, helped, and protected each other

Preparation begins at 4:00 a.m. and the bakers work 15 to 16 hours every day. It is no small feat to run a bakery with one's family and to preserve the taste of 100 years of baked goods. I really enjoy my job now," he says. But it takes time to get there." The couple has overcome many difficulties and hardships together, which is why they understand the joys and difficulties of continuing to be a local bakery.

Indispensable to people's lives

Many bread lovers, especially local residents, visit the bakery every day for their personality and Tengudo's taste. The face-to-face sales method, which is rare nowadays, is also the best way to reach out to the locals. You can make a quick purchase on the narrow sidewalk without disturbing passersby, either while astride a bicycle or in a wheelchair. Customers walking their dogs or using a cane can also stop by easily, and the face-to-face interaction is valued.

During the interview, a phone call came in: "Mr. XX next door, what time will the grape bread be ready? It was a wonderful sight to see because Tengu-do is loved by and close to the local community. While inexpensive commercial bread is sold all over the city, Tengu-do has an uncompromising commitment as a "local bakery" that keeps prices reasonable. We want people to make bread a part of their daily diet."

I heard this story from Ms. Kimiko. A young man who returned to his hometown once came to Tengu-do in search of a nostalgic taste. She was very happy to hear that. Tengu-do's bread, with its emphasis on "delicious and safe," has become an indispensable part of local people's lives.

All of Tenguido's bread is handmade. We do it all for our customers. And to be a part of our customers' lives. We are happy when our customers are happy," says the smiling couple, and the bread they make brings a little happiness into our lives.

Tenguido Bakery  

Address: Southeast corner of Sanjo Gozen, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 
9 minutes walk from Nishioji-Oike Subway Sta.
9 min. walk from Nishioji-Oike Subway Sta. 13 minutes walk from Hankyu Saiin Station.
Business hours: 7:00 - 20:00
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Phone number 075 (841) 9883
Instagram @tengupan

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