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Hello! This is Haruka, a member of the Choichoi Club. This time, we went to "Manabinosaki," a private tutoring school located about 5 minutes north of Saiin Station, for an interview!

Manabinosaki is impressive because every time you pass by the terakoya-style building, you can hear the happy voices of the teachers and children. The popularity and trust of the school is so great that many parents decide to enroll their children in the school by word of mouth, saying, "The teachers there take good care of me! Many of the parents decide to enroll their children in the school by word of mouth. We would like to introduce the secret of popularity of "Manabinosaki" that students come from as far away as Sakyo-ku and Shimogyo-ku.

All-around support from motivation to study

I tried sending my child to various cram schools, but his grades didn't improve…" "He is always playing club activities and video games. The more we think about our children, the more we worry about our parents.

At Manabinosaki, teachers support such concerns of fathers and mothers. The teachers are university students to working adults in their 20s, and the percentage of working adults is high among the tutoring schools. Because they are the "adults closest to the children" in terms of age and position, they are able to communicate with the children at a perfect distance. Through communication, they are able to sense the various factors that may be preventing a child from studying, such as "I'm having trouble concentrating on my studies," or "I don't know where to start my studies. The ability to work with students from the motivational aspect is an appealing feature of tutoring schools, where only two students are allowed per teacher. Even if your child is not good at cram school or studying, they will be able to help him or her!

Before I came across Manabinosaki, I had been moving from one cram school to another. In addition to the fact that my grades were not improving, I unconsciously felt pressure from my parents and teachers to study hard, so I became uncomfortable with studying. However, after coming to Manabinosaki, I was able to enjoy studying thanks to the time spent chatting with the teachers and interacting with the university students. I was very happy that the teachers seriously addressed me and my problems as "one person" without making me feel like I was dealing with a child. Thanks to her teaching method of praise that suited me, my deviation score actually went up by 10 points!

A cram school where changes

I am concerned about my child's grades and the school he/she wants to enter, but he/she doesn't talk about it much…" "It's good that he/she has entered a cram school, but are his/her grades improving? One of the main features of our service is that we are able to proactively communicate with our students through interviews and LINE communication.

At Manabinosaki, there are bilateral meetings with the teacher in charge three times a year, so you can regularly learn how your child is doing at the school. In order to build a curriculum only as much as is truly necessary according to the content of regular tests and the school of choice, the results of the classes are quantified and their strengths and weaknesses are thoroughly analyzed. It is a reassuring point to hear directly from the "teachers who are actually teaching" how the children are learning and how their grades are changing.

The principal is also committed to listening to the wishes and questions of the parents. Because we do not have the child, we are able to exchange honest opinions and work together to create a class content and style of attending the school that suits the child!

Six row houses worth! Spacious, free learning classrooms

Manabinosaki is operated in six spacious row houses that have been restored as old private houses. There are five classrooms. Classes are conducted using an original curriculum that is tailored to each student's individual difficulties. The school offers a tutorial style with a maximum of two students per teacher, so students can take their time to learn even in areas they do not understand. Another great feature is that out of the 70 minutes of class time, 10 minutes is free time. The teacher will give a 5-minute speech on something he or she thinks is interesting. The teacher has 5 minutes to make a speech about what he or she thinks is interesting, etc. This allows adults and children to have time to talk and listen to each other from an equal perspective, and to have 10 minutes to be close to the students, which helps to prepare their mindset for the class.

One house outside the classroom is a relaxation space where people can relax and regroup in their free time or chat with friends. Before Corona, university students used to hold free study sessions and high school students used to hold workshops to get inspired. The free space where you can relax quietly by yourself or have fun with everyone is also a key to concentrate on your studies.

They are planning to add one more relaxation area in April 2023 and are designing it to make it easier to talk to parents and alumni. We're looking forward to it!

There is no "this way"! Diversified Study Styles

The teachers at Manabinosaki are very student-oriented. The speech time mentioned earlier and the relaxing space where students of different generations can freely learn from each other are also designed to encourage growth outside of study by exposing students to various things. We know that it is meaningful for students to have a place where they can share what they honestly find interesting with others and be listened to.

Even if the content does not seem to have anything to do with school grades at first glance, it is fun to learn something that everyone finds interesting and says, "That's a good idea! and "That's great!" This is an opportunity for students to discover the joy of learning, which in turn gives them confidence and motivates them to study harder.

Introduction of Manabinosaki Sensei

Mr. Daiki Shimizu, President of the school

The entire school is committed to "removing the reasons why students are unable to study" in our instruction. No matter how much time you spend studying or how carefully you plan, your grades will not improve unless you are motivated to study. We aim to create a "lively cram school" where students can discuss even the most trivial matters with us, so that they can study with an open mind and free themselves from any doubts. We want the school to be a "third place" where students can have fun together and improve their grades, rather than a school where they are forced to go reluctantly. That is why we value communication not only with the children but also with their parents, and we are conscious of watching over the children together. We believe that this is "the best job to be involved in schools and families as a third party.


I have been a teacher for about two years now, thanks to an introduction by a senior student. Through working with many students, I have realized that even seemingly unrelated episodes, such as getting into a fight with a friend yesterday or having a bad day at club activities, can have a big impact on motivation. It is not easy to deal with each child individually, but I find it very rewarding.

In the past, I used to think that it was a bit lame to be a college student who studied hard and earnestly. However, when I saw my fellow students at Manabinosaki who were thoroughly pursuing their own interests and enjoying their studies, I was inspired to think, "It's cool that people are highly motivated to learn! I was also inspired by them.

While working as a cram school teacher, I am also in charge of designing the programs offered at "Asobinoba," a childcare center attached to the school. Twice a week, I organize a program that combines study and fun, such as learning the names of everyday weeds and fish in the supermarket, and organizing a puzzle-solving game that also serves as an intellectual education program. Because I don't want to feel boring myself, I place importance on genuinely sharing my interests and enjoyment with my students. If an adult can see a person sincerely passionate about something at their side, it creates a virtuous cycle where children will share their own budding interests with us as well!

Manabinosaki is a cram school that is just there for the parents and the kids!

If you have your own goals and aspirations, they will run alongside you, and even if you don't have any dreams or goals, they will nurture the seeds of interest while having fun together. Even if you don't have a dream or goal, they will nurture the seeds of your interest while having fun together. What I felt when I actually interviewed the teachers is that they don't feel like they are being forced to do their jobs. There were so many things they were doing for their students that I could not finish the interview! The teachers are so serious about each student and think about their studies and problems together, and enjoy having fun together with them, which is probably why the children open up to them and do their best. I honestly thought that I would have felt much stronger if I had had such wonderful teachers in my school days when I was struggling every day with my studies, club activities, and relationships!

Tutoring Cram School Manabinosaki

7, Saiin Higashi Imada-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

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