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Do you always do the same things over and over again? We usually go to work or school at the same time and come home at about the same time. After Corona, I feel like time is becoming fixed.

Unknowingly, we may miss the sunrise, sunset, or full moon, or we may become so accustomed to our current environment that we fail to notice small changes.

When I first came to Kyoto, I resisted the fact that the daylight hours are shorter than in my mother country in the fall, but one day when I passed Karasuma Oike and saw the sun setting between the buildings, I realized that I could see more sunsets in Kyoto.

Then I remembered. When I was in Taiwan, sunsets were especially precious to me because I could only see the scenery during the day and night due to work and commuting to school. So I always took pictures of beautiful sunsets whenever I saw them, thinking of them as a record of my good fortune. I am attracted to beautiful sunsets.

Full Moon
One night at Karasuma Station, a full moon hung between the buildings on Shijo Street, which were lit by various streetlights and traffic lights. It was the first time I had ever seen the moon gracefully appear among the buildings, so I felt as if I had caught a lucky break.

Cherry blossoms
People always gather here during the cherry blossom season. People who live in Kyoto ride their bicycles through the city without stopping for the cherry blossoms, as if the cherry blossoms here are already a part of their lives. We, as foreigners, take pictures.

Snowy Heian Jingu Shrine
I had heard from people in Kyoto that Kyoto City is a place where it does not snow much, but during my short stay in Japan, we had a heavy snowfall and Heian Jingu Shrine, which is not covered with snow, was dyed white. Since this was a rare occurrence, I took a picture of the white Heian Jingu Shrine. I thought I was lucky in winter to be able to capture a moment of snowy Heian Jingu Shrine.

Old Buildings
Throughout the year, there are always art events being held in Kyoto. On that day, I was able to enter a beautiful old building in a part of Kyoto that is not usually open to the public. I was lucky because whenever I enter a building that is usually closed, like a secret place, I always feel like I have completed a level in a game, like I am closer to Kyoto than before.

Although I sometimes overlook them, I have come to strongly feel the difference because I came to Japan from Taiwan and live in a different place. I noticed views I had not noticed before and my senses were awakened. As I lived more and more in Kyoto, I gathered various "lucky moments.

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